What’s going on?


Sat. / 10.08

arrival and registration

Kortowo, University of Warmia and Mazury campus

Sun. / 11.08

model event / forestry evening

Kortowo Las
/ University campus

Mon. / 12.08

sprint / opening ceremony

University campus /
Old Town

Tue. / 13.08

middle competition / banquet

Zazdrość (Olsztyn Forest
District office) /
University Campus

Wed. / 14.08

excursions / annual board meeting


Thu. / 15.08

relay / closing ceremony

Stary Dwór Ranger Station
(Forest District Kudypy)


General rules

1. By signing in, the athletes confirm that there are no health conditions that exclude them from the participation on health safety basis. The organizers encourage to perform regular medical examination. However no medical certificate is required to participate in EFOL. All competitors should adjust the walking or running pace to their physical abilities.

2. The athletes take part in the competition at their own risk. The organizers do not provide personal accident insurance, so everybody should consider purchasing one for the time of the championship.

3. The athletes are obliged to take care of the natural environment at the competition area, according to “leave no trace” rule. It is also required to respect private properties and restricted areas during each run.

4. The organizers have the right to approve necessary medical procedures
by medic and paramedic stuff hired for the championship service, including
transport of the athlete to a safe place. Medical staff decisions concerning participation or discontinuation of the race are final.

5. The personal data of the participants (such as name and surname) will be processed only for the competition purposes. This include also the photos of participants used for informational and media purposes.